Why ActiveMQ is Good for Your Network

Why ActiveMQ is Good for Your Network – ActiveMQ is messaging software that facilitates messaging between applications on a network. It is also open-source, which means that it will work with a wide variety operating systems built on different programming languages. ActiveMQ is often the central part of network architecture in a network of applications which rely on messaging.

Since the software is open source, it will provide the ability for it to be modified and altered to suit your network’s individual needs. It will allow you to monitor the network message traffic and responses from the client computers, and is readily available for free download and implementation within your network.

From the time that ActiveMQ arrived on the scene, it has become solid competition for other network alternatives. With the open-source license, it is likely to be the preferred alternative to paid services as a way to save money for companies or institutions. Some places currently using ActiveMQ include the University of Washington and the Finnish IT Center for Science.

Network Advantages of ActiveMQ


Some of the advantages of ActiveMQ include:

  • Comes with a number of Cross Language Clients. However the client was written, ActiveMQ will work with it.
  • Has support for various protocols to allow it to operate normally, regardless of how your network is set up.
  • Features like message groups and advisory messages allow you to run and monitor your network how you see fit.
  • Connections are reliable, and you can configure automatic reconnections in the event that computers are disconnected. This also allows services to change their details, such as location or protocols. Changes will not affect sending or receipt of messages.
  • ActiveMQ is fast, and its website claims that it can often be up to ten times faster than other MQ services.
  • Reliability of communication is high, since the source and destination of the message do not need to be available at the same time. Regardless of whether or not part of the network is down, the message will still be received.
    ActiveMQ can be scaled to handle high volumes of messages. More services can be added to ensure that all your network messages are being sent and received without issue.

In a network that handles high volumes of messages and traffic, ActiveMQ can be used to ensure that all messages between applications will be received, regardless of where a client is on the network, and what language the applications were written in. An open-source license allows you to tailor it to your individual needs, ensuring that your network runs how you want it to.